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Seafood safari
Lobster fishing premiere on 26 September
The Swedish lobster fishing premiere always starts at 7am on the first Monday after 20 September (this year it’s on 26 September). In Bohuslän, this magical Monday is as important a tradition as the annual elk hunt, or midsummer. Several West Swedish businesses have handily come up with convenient packages that include a trip out with a local fisherman to learn all about lobster fishing, combined with snug accommodation and the delicious cuisine that goes with the lobster season.
Seafood safaris
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Ikea product names are actually beautiful destinations. Win a trip to Sweden by trying to pronounce their names.
‘Discover the originals’ is Visit Sweden’s campaign to draw our attention to the places in Sweden that IKEA has borrowed to name its products. West Sweden is represented by the lake Åsunden (a basket), the town of Skärhamn (a door knob) and Läckö (garden furniture).
The campaign consists, among other things, of an international competition in Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, with trips to several of the places in the campaign as prizes. All you have to do is pronounce the name of the place in Swedish and explain why Sweden is an irresistible destination to you.

Read more about the places in West Sweden that have lent their names to IKEA, and about the competition:
Discover the originals
Erikson cottage
Erikson Cottage unveils a new glass cabin with a lake view
Erikson Cottage unveiled its third glass cabin on 9 September, by Lake Lagmanshaga, about 120 km from Gothenburg in West Sweden. The glass cabin Sjön (Lake) is just 30 metres from the lake, with a private sauna right next door. Erikson Cottage already have two glass cabins and on their farm, built at the end of the 18th century, you’ll also find a farm shop and bakery, where they make sourdough bread, buns and Neapolitan pizzas using heritage flour. Read more about Erikson Cottage and other glass cabins in West Sweden here:
The 72 hour cabin
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New floating glamping cabins
This summer two companies in West Sweden have launched floating glamping cabins. Sju Sjöar has their quirkily named Igloo Boat in Öxnevalla, about an hour south east of Gothenburg. Hotel Strana’s floating glamping cabin is in Hälleviksstrand on the island of Orust, just over an hour north of Gothenburg.
Read more about these two new places to stay and lots of other unique and quirky accommodation in West Sweden below.
Quirky accommodation
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New! Explore the Swedish west coast – a new archipelago tour in 2023
A new archipelago tour to be launched in 2023 will be available through the UK tour operator Original Travel. Departing from Gothenburg, the four day tour will head north to the island of Käringön and back, with accommodation in charming hotels, meals at local restaurants and stops at some of the pretty seaside villages in Bohuslän. Seafood is at its best in autumn and spring and the pace of life along the coast is slower, with less visitors around.

On the itinerary are the lovely islands of Marstrand and Klädesholmen as well as Käringön, a fishing island with white wooden houses and grand views. Daily departures from Gothenburg from 18 – 29 June and 19-25 August 2023, onboard Granit, a boat that runs exclusively on fossil free fuel.

The UK tour operator Original Travel will feature the tour from 2023 (link to blog), and it is already available via the German tour operator Umfulana.

A press trip is potentially planned for the end of September/October 2022 focusing on the British and German media. To register your interest contact
Archipelago select
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New laid-back experiences near hiking trails in West Sweden
Discover local beauty spots in West Sweden with the people who live there. Meet the Locals is a unique way of getting a feel of everyday life in West Sweden. Some of our locals live near hiking trails in the county, giving a walking holiday a whole new dimension – a form of slow adventure. Make apple juice in her garden with Sara who lives close to the Biosphere Trail, enjoy a fika with Gun in her garden by the Hyssna Trail, swim (all year round) with Sara who lives on the island of Hönö in Gothenburg’s archipelago and hike the Kuststigen Coastal Path, or bake Swedish cinnamon buns with Anna who lives right next to the Gotaleden. Just a few examples of how to slow down your journey by meeting a local. Find more in the link below. 
Hiking inspiration
Trädgårdsföreningen Per Pixel Pettersson
Train hop to gardens along the Gotaleden hiking trail
Go on a hike and visit some beautiful gardens along the Gotaleden this autumn. You can easily get to the trail and nearby gardens using local transport. Take the train from Gothenburg to Alingsås ("The capital of fika") and visit four different gardens and parks along the way.
Train hop to gardens
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Stepping up Sustainability at Way out West’s climate meeting Greentopia
This August the Way Out West music festival in Slottsskogen in Gothenburg was back after a two year absence, with a record number of visitors. The festival programme also included Greentopia, the event industry’s first climate meeting, where lectures, workshops and panel discussions were held with the aim of joining forces to drive forward sustainability within the event industry.
The West Sweden Tourist Board was there to talk about Stepping up Sustainability*.
Collaborating to make Greentopia possible and providing support were Göteborg & Co, Stockholm Resilience Centre, F/ACT Movement, Science Park Borås, Turistrådet Västsverige, Luger Inc, Svensk Live and Way Out West.

* Stepping up Sustainability is West Sweden’s joint initiative for sustainable tourism. Public and private operators acting together to promote a shift towards a more sustainable society. There are now 500 businesses, municipalities and other organisations on board.
Stepping up sustainability
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