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1/ 2020
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Virtual conference, December 3
Young refugees in the Nordic countries -
health, education and employment in an equity perspective

You are invited to take part in a unique Nordic online-event based on the large NordForsk financed project CAGE (Coming of Age in Exile).

You will learn about the newest evidence on refugee integration, share your experiences and bring back inspiration for improvement of national, regional and local initiatives on health, education and labour market that may give young refugees better life chances in exile and contribute to better societies.
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New Publication
Rural perspective on Civil society and integration

Are the ways in which civil society engages different in rural areas around the Nordic Region, as compared with urban areas and large cities?

In this report we focus on three of the main ways civil society can play a role in the integration of refugees and immigrants.
Learning to live in a new country
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New Publication
Nordic integration and settlement policies 

Through longitudinal comparative analysis, this study examines the labour-market integration of refugees in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

In the report the authors search for explanations of cross-national differences by combining statistical analyses with in-depth analyses of national policies.
Integration policies in the Nordics
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Virtual conference, November 3–6
Sustainable integration in the Nordic countries in the face of Covid-19: What are we learning?

How are the national, civil society and local actors addressing the challenges and opportunities of immigrant integration in the Nordic countries? 

2020 has brought collective challenges in the form of Covid-19 and its economic and social aftermath, revealing both challenges and opportunities in the field of integration.

This virtual conference on sustainable integration of immigrants and refugees in the Nordic countries will bring people from different fields and organisations together in four sessions.

You are invited to participate in all four sessions, or to select those sessions most relevant to you:
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November 3
November 4
Outreach to immigrant communities

Building trust and capacity for handling collective challenges. What challenges do the Nordics face in terms of outreach to immigrant-communities?

Segregation: Inequality in housing 

This session will bring together Nordic representatives of national agencies, civil society and local government or housing organisations.

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November 5
November 4

Labour market

How can we ensure a fitting match between education and job-training of immigrants and refugees, and the future needs of the labor market?

Sustainable integration in the time of Covid-19

Researchers and political leaders reflect on what we have learned and what they see as the most urgent challenges.
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