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This newsletter serves as a reminder of what has recently happened in HPT TCP. Things that you maybe just have missed. The rest of our news flow can be found on the HPT web site.


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Christoph Reichl, Operating Agent of HPT Annex 51:
A man with a burning interest in how to make things quieter reducing the sound emissions
The reduction of CO2 emissions is on everyone’s lips these days. But to make this happen, a multitude of actions are needed. Heat pumps are an environmentally friendly and renewable energy technology, but to further increase the acceptance of these units they must be improved with respect to the noise and vibration emissions they produce. HPT Annex 51 has the purpose to identify the main influencing factors to the acoustic signature of these units during different operating conditions.

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Thibaut Abergel, Clean Energy Technology Analyst at IEA
Efforts for heat pump deployment are bearing fruit, but more will be needed
An updated version of the Tracking Clean Energy Progress Report from IEA, June 2020, is presented at the IEA website. Worth to notice in this tracking report is that the progress for Heat Pumps is going in the right direction. The status has changed from “not on track” to “more efforts needed”, which is a very positive sign.

Thibaut Abergel, Clean Energy Technology Analyst at IEA, described this progress more in detail during the HPT TCP ExCo spring meeting in May 2020. He showed some of the trends regarding the heat pump market development and deployment.

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HPT TCP Annual Report 2019 is published!
The Annual Report describes the work of the Programme during 2019 including Message from the Chairman, information about our Annexes, and the highlights of 2019. This and previous Annual Reports can be found in our publication database on our website.
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New report from IEA:  Heat pumps and other renewable energy are not immune to the Covid-19 crisis,  but they are more resilient
The International Energy Agency (IEA) has released a report on the market for renewable energy, concentrating on the impact that the Covid-19 crisis has had on the different parts of the market. The report focuses on generation of electricity from renewable sources, but it also discusses transport biofuels as well as production of heat from renewable sources, such as from heat pumps.
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Heat pump sales in Finland continues at a good pace. Heat pump sector excellent for green recovery from coronavirus
The heat pump year got off to a good start. Sales increased by 13 % as compared with the first quarter

 According to Finnish Heat Pump Association (SULPU ry) statistics, air-to-water heat pumps showed the highest growth rates (60 %). The continued growth in the sales of ground-source heat pumps was also gratifying. The 27 % increase of was particularly reflected in large sites. In many blocks of flats or other large properties, district and oil heating have given way to heat pumps. The sales of air-source heat pumps climbed 8 %, despite last year’s strong growth figures. Small-house construction volumes levelled off, which was reflected in the unchanged number of installed exhaust-air heat pumps.
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Final Reports for Annex 45 and 47 available at the HPT TCP website.
Final Report for HPT TCP Annex 47 - "Heat Pumps in District Heating and Cooling systems" and Final Report for HPT TCP Annex 45 - "Hybrid Heat Pumps" are available for download at the HPT TCP website.

Read the Annex 45 Final report here.
Read the Annex 47 Final report here.
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Did you miss the last issue of the HPT Magazine?
Integration of Heat Pumps into the Future Energy System
We already know that the energy system of tomorrow cannot look like the one of yesterday. In the future, fossil
fuels must be replaced by renewable energy sources, due to environmental impact and resource depletion. Such distributed and intermittent production could, of course, be problematic. But this issue of HPT Magazine, with the topic “Integration of heat pumps into the future energy system”, shows that solutions are within reach.

The Foreword points out how heat pumps can be used to both reduce energy use and to decrease the reliance on
fossil fuels. As an example, the recently completed HPT Annex related to heat pumps in district heating networks is highlighted. The Magazine also presents the recently started Annex 56 “Internet of Things for Heat Pumps”.

The two topical articles cover heat pumps in district heating systems, and grid control of heat pumps. They go into
some of the aspects of a future energy system where heat pumps are a crucial component both on an individual and a systemic level.
Read the full HPT Magazine here.

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