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Key highlights from 2022
SenzaGen experienced another fast-developing and fruitful year in 2022, continuing to work to advance our vision of replacing animal testing with innovative methods better suited to reflect human biology. Here is a snapshot of important events from this year. 
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SenzaGen's GARD®skin approved by OECD
The inclusion of the GARDskin assay into OECD Test Guideline 442E for in vitro skin sensitization is a regulatory breakthrough for the GARD technology. As the first and only genomics and machine learning-based method, GARDskin has been approved for the third key event, dendritic cell activation. The scientific data published in the TG confirms the high performance and broad applicability of the method, bringing new opportunities to the field of in vitro skin sensitization testing.

Watch our recorded webinar on the OECD update
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Expanded in vitro services for the biological evaluation of medical devices
Together, SenzaGen and VitroScreen provide unique expertise within in vitro toxicology. We are now expanding our services to guide customers through the comprehensive process of biological evaluation of medical devices. Our GLP certified laboratories offer in vitro biocompatibility testing and suggest in vitro strategies for medical device identification and classification. In addition, tailored consultancy services are also provided.

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New scientific publications

ALTEX Journal: The GARDskin assay: Investigation of the applicability domain for metals
Our joint article with Johnson Matthey investigating the applicability domain for metals of GARDskin was published in the ALTEX Journal, providing new peer-reviewed support for the inclusion of metals within the applicability domain of the test method. The results are of importance to support risk management within e.g. occupational settings during production of new metal salts or within the medical device industry to evaluate leachables from metal alloys, but also to build confidence among end-users and regulators to select an assay that is appropriate for their specific chemistry.

Read the full article

ALTEX Journal: Exploration of the GARDskin applicability domain: Indirectly acting haptens, hydrophobic substances and UVCBs
Our joint article with The Lubrizol Corporation regarding the applicability domain of GARDskin was published in the ALTEX Journal, providing new peer-reviewed evidence that GARD can predict chemicals traditionally considered “difficult-to-test”, for example indirectly acting haptens, hydrophobic substances and UVCBs, without an increased risk of false-negative classifications. 

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Customer collaborations to advance non-animal methods for sensitization testing
Chemical company strengthens weight of evidence assessment of difficult-to-test samples: The aim of the project was to develop additional data to strengthen their weight of evidence assessments, in order to have greater confidence in that their products are classified appropriately with regards to skin sensitization potential. This is further proof that GARDskin works for a wide variety of test chemicals, including UVCBs, surfactants and hydrophobic test items.

Read more about the broad applicability of GARDskin

SenzaGen and RIFM expand collaboration on quantitative risk assessment for photosensitization: Following successful initial evaluation in 2021, Research Institute for Fragrance Materials, Inc. (RIFM) decided to test more ingredients with GARDskin Dose-Response, which has been adapted to identify the dose levels at which a fragrance can induce skin allergies when exposed to sunlight (photosensitization).

Read more about RIFM’s photosensitization project and why it matters

Scientific session with Corteva Agriscience at 2022 SOT: The use of GARD for agrochemical formulations: Together with guest speaker Dr Marco Corvaro, Principal Toxicologist from Corteva Agriscience, we presented new data on agrochemical formulations, “difficult-to-test” substances and potency assessment.

Request a copy of the presentation slides

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SenzaGen has acquired ToxHub to strengthen toxicology offering
ToxHub has joined the SenzaGen Group as independent regulatory toxicology experts. Our customer-centric in vitro testing services and cutting-edge GARD® technology have been complemented by ToxHub’s tailored toxicology advisory services. Based in Rome, Italy, ToxHub specializes in toxicological risk assessment and regulatory strategy consulting, with specific expertise in medical devices and pharmaceutical products.
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